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Secure Access Service Edge, 2023

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WHY Secure Access Service Edge?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud-based architecture that combines networking and security capabilities into a single platform, delivered as a service. It provides users with efficient, secure, and reliable access to corporate resources like applications and data, cloud services, and the internet, regardless of location.

ZTNA provides granular access controls, supporting users based on zero-trust principles, and monitoring continuously to enforce strict security policies.

Scalable architecture allows customers to easily scale their network and security capabilities as business requirements evolve.

A More Agile and Scalable Approach to Greater Operational Efficiency

Centralized management and orchestration provides simplified network and security administration and policy enforcement

Single-pass processing architecture allows improved efficiency and performance, reduced processing overhead, and lower risk of misconfiguration

Extensive points of presence (PoPs) coverage delivers integrated networking and security and process requests from different edges and remain highly available and elastic to business requirements


"Sangfor’s competitive placement on the Innovation Index is attributed to its strong commitment to enhancing the comprehensiveness of the SASE platform. Its SASE solution, Sangfor Access Secure, leverages ML/AI to provide AIOps for simplified network operations. Sangfor’s AI-driven Engine Zero malware detection engine and robust threat intelligence database also allow the company to deliver real-time analysis and more effective security protection through the SASE platform,” said Vivien Pua, senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan

Frost Radar™

“Sangfor is the only Chinese vendor that can provide SASE solutions through a single pass architecture to deliver unified networking and security services.”

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The Benefits of SASE to Hybrid Work

Meet Emily, the marketing manager of a SaaS company that embraces the hybrid work model but faces some IT connectivity challenges in her daily work life. Watch the video to learn how Sangfor Access Secure empowers Emily to work efficiently and securely across all her devices and platforms.

Explore Sangfor Access Secure

Sangfor Access Secure is a comprehensive single-vendor SASE solution that converges in-house SD-WAN and security technologies. Deployed across globally distributed PoPs, it boasts a 99.99% high availability rate, ensuring secure and efficient work across various locations.


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