Sangfor Featuring Gartner Whitepaper on Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Gartner's recent research, “Emerging Technologies: Emergence Cycle for AI in Security for Malware Detection", discusses innovations in using AI for malware detection use cases.​

- The Gartner research suggests that AI will have a significant impact on malware detection for the next 5-8 years.  Gartner focused on dividing their research into subgroups: endpoints, performance monitoring, modelling, encryption, ransomware, and code analysis.
- Based on this research and analysis of hundreds of ransomware/malware incident response service customers, Sangfor has released a detailed whitepaper that explains how to combat weaponized AI used in new malware with purpose-built AI models looking for specific small non-normal or suspicious behaviour across magnitudes of activity over large periods of time.
Sangfor Technologies and Gartner

Read Whitepaper - Using AI to Combat AI: Purpose-Built AI Models in NDR​

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NDR Platforms have become very popular for automated threat detection and responses.
By using AI they analyze large amounts of network traffic enabling Network Security Professionals to find the smallest malicious behavior.

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