Sangfor Featuring Gartner Whitepaper on Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Gartner's recent research, “Emerging Technologies: Emergence Cycle for AI in Security for Malware Detection", discusses innovations in using AI for malware detection use cases.​

- The Gartner research suggests that AI will have a significant impact on malware detection for the next 5-8 years.  Gartner focused on dividing their research into subgroups: endpoints, performance monitoring, modelling, encryption, ransomware, and code analysis.

- Sangfor developed Cyber Command that is an advanced network threat detection and response NDR platform capable of 100% network visibility, detecting the unnoticed 1% malware variant that bypasses your security devices and provides AI Cyber Security; that defends against weaponized AI Cyber Attacks. Cyber Command simplifying your threat hunting capabilities. You can discover and detect SQL injection attacks, malicious insiders and do open port scanning using Cyber Command.

- Based on this research and analysis of hundreds of ransomware/malware incident response service customers, Sangfor has released a detailed whitepaper that explains how to combat weaponized AI used in new malware with purpose-built AI models looking for specific small non-normal or suspicious behaviour across magnitudes of activity over large periods of time.

Read Whitepaper - Using AI to Combat AI

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Sangfor Technologies and Gartner
The Network Detection and Response - NDR Platforms have become very popular for automated threat detection and responses. These platforms use AI to analyze large amounts of network traffic. It empowers Network Security Professionals to find the smallest malicious behavior.    

Stop Threats, Breaches and Ransomware Attacks​

Cyber Command is an intelligent threat detection and response platform that significantly improves security detection, network threat detection, threat hunting and response capabilities.​
100% visibility E/W and N/S Traffic

A huge blind spot in most organizations is the inability to see threats that spread laterally across the network. Cyber Command monitors, analyzes, and visualizes East/West traffic as well as North/South traffic. You now have the fastest and most efficient way to find threats across your cloud, data center, enterprise network, and IoT devices.

  Detect the 1% 

There are more than 500,000 new malware variants created daily, and while your existing security solutions may be able to block 99% of them, there are still thousands of new malware variants that can bypass your security devices and cause damage. You now have the power to detect that 1%. Now easily Detect SQL Injection Attacks, Detect malicious insiders, perform open port scanning using NDR Platform.

AI vs AI

  Use AI for Cyber Security. Cyber attackers have weaponized advanced Artificial Intelligence technology in malware. Traditional security products have rudimentary behavior-based threat detection functions which cannot keep up with new threats. Cyber Command uses multiple AI-powered behavior analysis models that help you defeat sophisticated AI-enhanced cyber-attacks. Start proactive threat hunting now.  

Only Cyber Command can Easily Detect, Mitigate and Stop Threats in Advance​



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