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We take a closer - and less boring - look at Managed Cloud Services (MCS), how it works, and how it can benefit you!

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Getting Smart with
Your Choice of Cloud:

Explore the growing trend of cloud infrastructure in the last 10 years. We take a look at how countless organizations have adopted a "Cloud First" approach to the way they do business and why "Cloud First" doesn't always mean "Cloud Smart"

We break down what a managed cloud actually is and how it's a better option than the traditional public cloud platforms available.

What is Managed Cloud?

Take the smart approach to your cloud service infrastructure and rely on MCS to keep your systems running efficiently. We run through just a few of the benefits that MCS brings to your organization.

How Managed Cloud Services Can Help

While the public cloud does have its redeeming qualities, we’ve taken time to note all the issues the public cloud platform brings about and why Managed Cloud Services still come out on top.

The Problem with Public Cloud:

Managed Cloud Services eBook

Business Benefits with Sangfor Managed Cloud Services

Convenience and Flexibility

Convenience and Flexibility

Sangfor Managed Cloud Service gives customers all the convenience and flexibility of a public cloud combined with the security, control, and professional services of a private cloud. This makes it the best approach for most small to medium-sized enterprises.

The platform provides users with a distributed cloud data center, disaster recovery, dedicated resources, and data security. This is all complete with full-stack security and proactive 1-on-1 expert services. It easily integrates with Sangfor HCI

Extensive Range of Services

Extensive Range of Services

The Sangfor Managed Cloud Service leaves its competitors in the dust with an intrinsic understanding of our client’s needs. We offer complete data compliance, effective security, and worry-free service. Contact Us to know more.

Capabilities That Go Beyond

Managed Cloud Services Capabilities

Who should read this eBook?

MCS for Small Business Owners MCS for Enterprise Decision Makers MCS for IT Professionals

Small Business Owners

IT Professionals

Enterprise decision-makers

Small business owners seeking to enhance their IT infrastructure with limited resources can find a dependable and cost-effective solution for managing their cloud infrastructure. They are looking for information about MCS that can be scaled up or down as per their business needs.

IT professionals overseeing their organization's cloud environment and seeking ways to streamline costs, boost efficiency, and lighten their workload by outsourcing routine cloud management tasks, 24/7 support, improved security, and automatic backups and updates.

Executives in charge of their organization's cloud infrastructure, seeking insights on managed cloud services to make informed decisions. They will find this book handy when cost savings, scalability, and focus on core business activities are key priorities.

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Sangfor’s Managed Cloud Services goes the extra mile to ensure that your specific needs are met with advanced, innovative, and secure technology in the most simple way.

Brien Posey, a bestselling technology author and Microsoft MVP, is known for his numerous books, video training courses, and thousands of technical articles. With a background as a CIO and network engineer, he has worked for hospitals, the Department of Defense, and insurance companies.

Brien is also a Commercial Scientist-Astronaut Candidate, training for a mission to study polar mesospheric clouds from space. He regularly speaks at IT events and records webcasts on a wide range of topics. Explore more of his spaceflight training videos at http://brienposey.com/space/space-video-gallery/

About the Author - Brien Posey

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Managed Cloud Services eBook

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