Sangfor Technologies has been a leader in threat detection and integrated response for many years. We developed our Cyber Command threat hunting platform to push the state of the art for NDR using our XDDR security framework. XDDR integrates NDR with endpoint data and application events to provide a more dynamic way to combat malware and APTs that use weaponized AI. Cyber Command uses AI models designed for specific threat hunting use cases to detect and remove weaponized AI.

We invite you to read about how Sangfor is using purpose-built AI in Cyber Command NDR to detect and combat weaponized AI. We welcome feedback and are interested if your experiences align or different from ours. 

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Using AI to Combat AI

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Stop Threats, Breaches and Ransomware Attacks​

The Network Detection and Response - NDR Platforms have become very popular for automated threat detection and responses. These platforms use AI to analyze large amounts of network traffic. It empowers Network Security Professionals to find the smallest malicious behavior.     
100% visibility E/W and N/S Traffic
A huge blind spot in most organizations is the inability to see threats that spread laterally across the network.
Detect the 1%
With 500,000 new malware variants created daily, and while your existing security solutions may be able to block 99% of them, you now have the power to detect that 1%. 
AI vs AI
Cyber Command uses multiple AI-powered behavior analysis models that help you defeat sophisticated AI-enhanced cyber-attacks. 


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